Paris-Paris Cake Platter

Paris-Paris Cake Platter

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This charming cake platter features sketches by Isabelle Barthel of famous icons and landmarks of Paris. Whether as a way to discover Paris or conjure memories of a special trip, this faience platter makes entertaining more fun—especially for those who love the City of Light.

Since 1821, Gien faience has been made in the Loire Valley of France.  Faience is a porous glazed paste composed of various earthenware clays.  Most important is kaolin, which adds strength, durability and whiteness that many believe makes faience superior to most earthenware products.  The skills of Gien artisans are handed down from generation to generation which is evident in the intricate detailing of each piece. Most of the production process is manual, with up to twenty hands touching each piece – from molding and firing to decorating.

Designed to be dishwasher safe with gentle detergent and low temperature cycle; however, to preserve the quality handwashing is recommended; microwave use should be limited to reheating.          

Made in France

Measurements: 12” D

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