Bodhrán Pack with Brosna Cross Motif

Bodhrán Pack with Brosna Cross Motif

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The bodhrán is one of Ireland’s oldest traditional musical instruments. It is most commonly played with a tipper—a small, double-end drumstick—and with the hand.

Made by Walton’s Music, this 12-inch bodhrán pack is ideal for beginners. The drum is handcrafted from the finest woods, with heads made from real goatskin and decorated with the popular Celtic symbol of the Brosna Cross. The pack includes one 12-inch bodhrán, an instructional DVD, and tipper (double-end wood drumstick)

In MIM’s popular Ireland exhibit, world-renowned Irish folk-music traditions are comprehensively represented through a collection of fine instruments. With video clips of lively dance music and folk songs, and the decorative Irish motifs embellishing many of the displayed items, guests’ ears and eyes are immersed in the musical landscape of the Emerald Isle.

Made in China

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