Tom Petty and Philosophy

Tom Petty and Philosophy

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For fans of Tom Petty, this volume is an eye-opener, with fourteen music-savvy philosophers looking at different facets of Petty's artistic contribution. They examine not only Tom Petty's thoughts but also the thoughts we have while we listen.

As the center of a musical community that endured over four decades, his ability to cultivate new generations of listeners while connecting himself backward to the heroes of his own youth have made him universally respected by the widest range of music fans. Tom Petty's songs hook and captivate, but they are often profound in their understatement and stark minimalism. His insight into the human condition conveys a powerful philosophical anthropology with a metaphysics of tragedy, gravity, and levity.

His body of work exists on a continuum between Folk and Rock, between New Wave and Americana, between Southern simplicity and West Coast chic. There is the legacy left to his main backing band, the Heartbreakers, but also bookended by Mudcrutch and his collaborations with his elders, such as Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash.

234 pages; 9 x 6 inches; paperbound

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