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The Theremini is reimagined from one of the oldest electronic musical instruments in history—the theremin. The Theremini is perfect for players at any skill level. A built-in tuner supplies real-time visual feedback of each note as it is played, as well as its proximity to accuracy. The presets section offers several options, and the compact, built-in speaker makes setup quick and easy. It includes two line-level audio outputs, a pitch CV output with selectable range, and a mini USB jack for MIDI I/O and connectivity.

Assistive pitch correction allows each player to adjust the instrument's level of playing difficulty, and the presets section allows you to select from 32 wave or wavetable-based presets, store a selected scale, set and recall a specified playing range, and specify settings for the included stereo delay and more.


The frequencies on this instrument range from 170KHz to the 500KHz range. If you are using a medical device on any of these frequencies, interference may occur.

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