The Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland

The Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland

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The captivating atmosphere of Ireland’s small towns provides a realistic picture of the history and character of the country and its people, from pre-Celtic eras though medieval times and into the present. Villages set among the green hillsides remain functional communities where the Irish people take pride in the beauty of the rural landscape. The charm of some of these small towns, with family-owned shops and historic churches, is captured in Christopher Fitz-Simon’s sensitive commentaries and Hugh Palmer’s evocative photographs that enable us to enjoy an arm-chair trip to Ireland.

In MIM’s popular Ireland exhibit, world-renowned Irish folk-music traditions are comprehensively represented through a collection of fine instruments. With video clips of lively dance music and folk songs, and the decorative Irish motifs embellishing many of the displayed items, guests’ ears and eyes are immersed in the musical landscape of the Emerald Isle.

208 pages; 7.8 x 9.6 inches; hardcover

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