The Martin Archives: A Scrapbook of Treasures from the World’s Foremost Acoustic Guitar Maker

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Written by Jim Washburn and Dick Boak, The Martin Archives is a unique inside look into C. F. Martin and Co.’s reign as America’s oldest and most revered guitar maker. Viewed through a selection of images, correspondence, documents, and reproduced artifacts chosen from some seven hundred thousand items the company has amassed over nearly two centuries, the book is a must-have for all Martin guitar enthusiasts.

From the concert halls of the pre–Civil War United States and the Grand Ole Opry stage to Woodstock, Coachella, and beyond, Martin’s instruments have been on hand to give voice to the human spirit. The Martin Archives offers insights into those instruments and the persons who made them, as well as the times the Martin family lived through them. While some guitar makers predate the advent of the business computer, Martin predates the typewriter, electric lights, and even the steam locomotive. Its archives—many of them unseen before they were published—have lain in the Martins’ attic or vault for generations and reveal what an interesting history the company has.

In addition, the book also contains pockets with reproductions of illuminating bits of history, including old company records, letters from stars such as Gene Autry and Jimmie Rodgers, the purchase order for the first D-45 guitar, a handwritten history of the company on its 100th anniversary by Frank Henry Martin, and other palpable delights.

104 pages; 12 x 9 inches; hardcover; ISBN: 9781495013041



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