Henan Museum Magnets

Henan Museum Magnets

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These magnets reproduce treasures on loan to MIM for the exclusive exhibition Ancient Musical Treasures from Central China: Harmony of the Ancients from the Henan Museum. Five magnets feature masterpieces from the Henan Museum that are estimated to date back more than two thousand years. The sixth magnet is a detail from original calligraphy created by the Henan Museum for MIM to commemorate the special partnership between the two museums; it translates as “musical harmony.”

Choose from:

  • Ceramic pillow depicting qin performance (detail), Northern Song dynasty, 960–1127 (approximately 890–1,060 years ago)
  • Bronze bells with “Hua Zi Shou” inscription, Spring and Autumn period, 770–476 BCE (approximately 2,500–2,800 years ago)
  • Musician and dancer figurines in pavilion, Han dynasty, 206 BCE–220 CE (approximately 1,800–2,200 years ago)
  • Tile relief of fenghuang attracted by sheng (detail), Southern dynasties, 420–589 CE (approximately 1,430–1,600 years ago)
  • Instrument stand in the form of divine beast, Spring and Autumn period, 770–476 BCE (approximately 2,500–2,800 years ago)
  • Calligraphy “musical harmony” magnet

Each magnet measures 3.5ʺ W x 2.5ʺ H and will adhere to steel-based surfaces. Made in the USA.


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