Guitar: A Complete Guide for the Player

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Guitar: A Complete Guide for the Player

This is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference work on the full range of guitar designs and playing styles ever produced. It takes you from deciding which instrument is best for you and your music; to learning essential playing techniques; to maximizing the potential of your guitar, effects, and amplifier.

In this book, the world's leading specialists tell you what goes into a vast range of guitars and amplifiers to make them sound the way that they do. In addition, they coach you on making the most of your instruments, effects, and amplifiers. Finally, because they believe modern guitarists should be able to adapt different playing styles, the book provides a foundation in the essential playing skills of genres from rock and jazz to classical and everything in between.

302 pages; 10.2 x 12.8 inches; hardcover; ISBN: 9780785834380

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