Electric Guitar Mug

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This mug takes center stage with a collection of iconic electric guitars featured in the museum’s special exhibition, The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon, on display at MIM from November 9, 2018, to September 15, 2019.

 The historic instruments are showcased from left to right:

  • Electro A-25 electric Hawaiian guitar (Ro-Pat-In, 1932)
  • Electric Hawaiian guitar (Audiovox Manufacturing Company, 1936)
  • Duo 336 double-neck electric Hawaiian guitar (Audiovox Manufacturing Company, 1936–1937)
  • Electric Spanish guitar (Vega Company, 1936–1939)
  • New Yorker electric Hawaiian guitar (National String Instrument Corporation, 1937)
  • Electar Model M electric Hawaiian guitar (Epiphone, 1938)
  • ES-250 electric Spanish guitar (Gibson, 1940)

Holds 11 ounces; dishwasher- and microwave-safe; hand-washing recommended

Made in Thailand and printed in the USA

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