Congo Postcard Set

Congo Postcard Set

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These beautiful postcards accompany MIM’s special exhibition Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa. Each postcard spotlights an instrument or mask used in important ceremonies or performances in Central Africa. 

4 x 6 inches 

Set of six (as pictured) 


Top row, left to right:  

Mask with bird headdress, Yaka people, Ukwango zone  

Mukupela (double-headed drum), Urunda zone  

Mukenga mask, Ukuba zone 

Bottom row, left to right: 

Ngady Mwaash mask, Kuba people, Ukuba zone 

Bullroarer spirit mask, Bembe people, Umaniema zone 

Ngombi harp, Ngbaka people, Ubangi zone  


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